What Do I Need for an Outdoor Kitchen

July 2, 2018

With summer in full swing here in Maryland, you are probably spending as much time outside in the sunshine as possible. With the sun shining and the family outside playing, who wants to spend their time inside cooking?

An outdoor kitchen can be a great addition to your outdoor space if you like to entertain, or you’re looking to spend more time outside. Whether you want a simple prep station and gas grill, or you want a full outdoor kitchen, there are many benefits to having a cooking space outside.

What Do I Need for an Outdoor Kitchen

However, creating an outdoor kitchen isn’t quite as simple as throwing a grill on the deck or patio. Let’s look at some of the things needed for a true outdoor kitchen.

Set Up

The first thing you will need for creating an outdoor kitchen is a flat surface to build your kitchen on. If you have an existing patio you can build your kitchen with that as it’s base.

If you don’t have a patio or deck in your yard, then you may consider investing in one. After all, features like grilling islands and countertops are heavy and will require a sturdy foundation.

Power and Fuel

If you plan to install a sink in your outdoor kitchen near your prep area, you’ll need to have plumbing run to the bar area. By having a kitchen, you can not only cook your food outside, but also prep it outside, increasing the time you can spend with your friends or family.

In addition, you may consider installing a gas line for a gas grill, so that you aren’t constantly having to change your gas tank. If you opt for an electric grill, you can also have electricity run to your outdoor kitchen. Likewise, if you have a large kitchen area, additional outlets and lighting may be a good idea.

A Quality Grill

Once you have your kitchen structures in place, you’ll need to pick a good, quality grill. Do you prefer smoked meats, and stoking a flame on a charcoal grill? Or would you prefer the ease and speed of a gas grill? Many gas grills come with a variety of options available, such as additional burners for cooking sides, vegetable baskets, etc. Choosing a grill that is a good fit for your lifestyle and preferences is important.

If you are ready to get to work on your dream outdoor kitchen, give us at Fireside Stone and Patio a call today to get started! We specialize in built-in outdoor kitchens and we’d love to make your dream a reality.

Whether you want a simple kitchen with a small prep area and grill, or you want a full bar, prep area, and grill with burners and extra features, we’ve got you covered! We are an outdoor kitchen contractor in Maryland and we’d love to help you craft the patio of your dreams!