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Custom Stonework for a Winning Patio

June 4, 2018

If you’re ready to add a patio to your landscape, it’s important to choose the design that will best add to your aesthetics and the property’s outer beauty. It’s one thing to choose a generic, cookie-cutter patio design that isn’t interesting or special. Something as simple as the brick design you choose can make the […]

Covered Patio Design Ideas

May 30, 2018

Adding a patio to your home is sure to bring value and enjoyment. However, a little shade can go a long way. By installing a covered patio, you’ll be able to extend the time you can spend outside while keeping cool and avoiding sunburn. Covered patios offer a lot of flexibility to homeowners, with endless […]

2018 Ellicott City, MD Flooding

May 30, 2018

As an Ellicott City, MD business owner, our hearts sink at the thought of our neighbors in Ellicott City, MD whose businesses and lives were devastated by the dangerous flooding on May 27th, 2018. We are doing our best to contribute during this transitional time in any way possible. Yes, Fireside is Still Open Here […]

2018 Memorial Day Grilling Event

May 25, 2018
Events, Grills

Fireside Stone & Patio is hosting a Memorial Day grilling event and you’re invited! Don’t miss out on these incredible deals on some of the world’s best outdoor grills, smokers, islands and more! The offers in this post are only valid through May 31st, 2018. With free delivery within a 15 mile radius of Fireside […]

Catalytic Vs. Non-Catalytic Wood Burning Stoves

May 23, 2018
Wood Stove

Are you looking for a new wood stove? You have tons of options available to you, but most of them can be divided into two categories: catalytic and non-catalytic. Before you buy, you should probably take some time to figure out what these two terms mean. Read on for more information about the similarities and […]

Babyproofing Your Patio and Outdoor Kitchen

May 16, 2018
Outdoor Kitchens, Patios

Worried about your kid taking a nosedive off the deck and hitting their head on the patio? Worried about the fire pit too much to even use it anymore? With the power of patio babyproofing, you can make the most of your outdoor features again. To learn a few tidbits about how you can babyproof […]

5 Must-Haves for your Outdoor Kitchen

May 9, 2018
Outdoor Kitchens

Having an outdoor kitchen on your deck or patio can add so much to your outdoor space, but how can you get started? A successful outdoor kitchen is all about understanding which elements are going to serve you for the life of the outdoor kitchen. Let’s look at the top five things a good outdoor […]

10 Tips to Make You the Ultimate Grill Master

May 2, 2018

Summertime is the perfect time to mix up your menu and embrace the ease of grilling. Using a gas grill can be convenient while also allowing you to stay outside and enjoy the fun of summer. Let’s look at some gas grilling tips that can take you from an amateur griller to a grill master […]

Can I Put an Electric Fireplace Outside?

April 24, 2018
Outdoor Fireplace

With the temperatures rising here in Maryland you may be starting to think about using your deck, patio, or porch. In spring and fall the evenings can get a little chilly for sitting outside and enjoying your outdoor space. The way to fix this is by adding a heating element to your space. So the […]

Spring Fireplace Clean-Up

April 19, 2018
Chimney Services

Whether your fireplace is indoors or outdoors, spring is the perfect time to start preparing for your clean-up. After each winter, your fireplace will have gathered creosote and ash that, if left undisturbed, will slowly break away at the structure, or even cause a fire hazard. Without regular preventative maintenance, your fireplace could end up […]

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