Why It’s Important to Keep a Chimney Clean

November 3, 2017

With winter approaching, everyone is going to want to huddle up around the fireplace. But when was the last time you had the chimney cleaned? Probably over a year if not way longer, right? The National Fire Protection Association recommends a professional Maryland chimney cleaning service and inspection at least once per year. It can quickly become dangerous if your chimney is clogged even in the slightest.

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Smoke Damage

Soot from the burning of wood needs to find its way out of the fireplace one way or another. Normally, it just goes up and out the chimney. But if your chimney doesn’t get cleaned correctly, the soot can clog up the flue. When the flue is clogged, it leads to smoke traveling back into your home. This will leave black films around items (you’ve probably seen the soot if you’ve moved a picture frame) and can even soil furniture. Soot stains are difficult, and sometimes impossible, to get out. Also, with the flue clogged, toxins from the burning may leak out into your home instead of up and out of the chimney.

Health Concerns

Carbon monoxide is burnt off when you light your fireplace. It is a toxic byproduct and if inhaled it can cause nausea, headaches, confusion, and fainting. If enough gets into the bloodstream, it can even be fatal. Thousands of deaths per year in the United States are accredited to carbon monoxide poisoning and blocked chimneys are part of the cause.

Chimney Fires

The biggest reason of all to keep your chimneys clean is for the prevention of chimney fires. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, there are over 22,000 chimney fires a year in the United States causing over $125 million of property damage and 40 deaths as well. Now 40 may sound low, but why risk a fire when it is easily preventable? Chimney fires can start slowly and may not even be visible until it is too late.

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