Why is My Pellet Stove Whistling

December 6, 2016

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When it comes to heating your home, pellet stoves and wood stoves are options that rarely require repair. A well made wood stove can last a lifetime without anything major to address, other than routine maintenance and cleaning. With that in mind, we do find that often times people complain of a whistling pellet stove. Fortunately, the solution to fixing it is rather simple. Here’s what you might want to know if you have a whistling pellet stove.

Pellet Stove Noises

It isn’t uncommon for a pellet stove to make more than just a whistle and there are regular background noises that you will experience with this type of heater. There are typically three motors in a pellet stove which create a whirring sound that most owners will learn to tune out. There is also a number of fans that are turning, airflow sounds, and pellets falling. Older stoves can sometimes get louder if parts move over time and vibrating occurs. If you experience a loud noise that is not a whistle, you can contact someone to assess where the vibration is coming from and make slight adjustments to decrease the level of noise being generated.

What’s Causing That Whistle?

A whistle is caused by a blockage in the airflow. Not cleaning your stove pipe regularly is more than likely the culprit. Neglecting to clean the pellet stove’s pipes can result in a buildup of ash or other debris. Ash deposits can also travel up the stove pipe, and environmental debris, like leaves, may enter from above. Unblocking your stovepipe will ensure you get a better and more efficient burning stove and will get rid of that annoying whistle.

How We Can Help

Fireside Stone & Patio can install your new stove, perform an inspection, and clean your existing stove. We can repair and maintain most major brands and models of wood, pellet, and gas stoves in Maryland, and we can get parts for some older model stoves. No matter which brand of stove you might own, you can rely on us for timely maintenance and repair.