Where to Place a Heating Stove in Your Home

October 15, 2015

wood stove

A heating stove can be a great addition to your home. It is more energy efficient than a fireplace, relatively inexpensive to maintain, and adds character to every home. When selecting a spot for your new heating stove, whether it’s a wood, gas or pellet stove, there are two major things to consider: safety and efficiency. Our Ellicott City heating stove experts are happy to help you figure out where your stove should go in your home!

Planning for Maximum Efficiency

One of the biggest (if not the biggest) things to consider when choosing a location for your new heating stove is the efficiency of the unit. Heat rises, therefore a stove on the lowest level of your home will heat your house more thoroughly. Additionally, placing your wood or pellet stove in a spot in your home surrounded by stone, concrete or brick will heat your home more efficiently. Because stone and brick are more dense than wood and drywall, they absorb and retain more heat, which is radiated back into your home.

What About Ambiance?

If your goal in adding a stove to your home is for ambiance as well as for heating, you may opt to choose a different location. Family rooms, dens, and kitchens can be wonderful places for a heating stove. That’s where people tend to gather and where your stove can be a mood-setter and even a conversation piece. And because these spaces generally are not on the upper level of the house, there will still be some heating benefit. A heating stove in the kitchen can also be multifunctional: it can be used as a warmer for meals, a heat source for a tea kettle, or even a burner to cook on depending on the model you have.

Safety and Your New Stove

While a wood, pellet or gas stove can be a great addition to your home, keeping you warm in the winter while helping you save on energy bills, it can pose some safety challenges, especially if you have little ones running around. Safety should be taken into account when determining where to place your new stove in your home. An unfinished (or kid-free) basement is an obvious option, because it is not only on the lowest level of the home, but also out of reach of little hands. On the other hand, a stove in the basement won’t heat your actual living space as well as you need it to. If you decide to install your stove in the living room, den, or kitchen, it is important to have some safety measures in place. Making sure your stove is cleaned and inspected regularly is important for the safety of your home and your loved ones. And be sure to always watch pets and toddlers around a heating appliance.

A heating stove can be a great addition to your home, and its placement can greatly affect its heating ability and safety. If you have settled on installing a heating stove but aren’t sure where to place it, feel free to get in touch with Fireside Stone & Patio for help choosing the right model, as well as choosing the perfect location.