What Are The Most Common Wood Stove Repairs?

January 5, 2017

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Even though modern day wood stoves are beautiful and energy efficient, they will not always prove to be problem free. There can be a number of problems which can arise in wood burning stoves in Maryland. This is why it is necessary to get wood stove repair done by an expert. There are also some that can be inspected and dealt with by the homeowners themselves.

Taking a look at some of the most common wood stove repair jobs

  • Sometimes, the most common problem with wooden stoves arises in the functioning of the door. It might be possible that the door of your wood stove is not completely air tight, which is the reason behind its lack of performance. To solve this issue, check the gaskets of the door and see if they are broken. If they are, go to a supplier who provides wood stove replacements and fix up the door.
  • Are you burning seasoned firewood or dried firewood? When you use green or unseasoned firewood in your wooden stove, it results in lots of smoke and extremely messed up creosote. You will also observe more soot deposits in your wooden stove if you use the wrong firewood.
  • If your home is tightly sealed, it means there is not enough air for your stove to function at its best. A good ventilation system is essential for efficient running of a wooden stove. This is another reason why your chimney might also not be working efficiently. As your wooden stove’s smoke is drawn upwards, it needs good air supply to keep the fire blazing. A quick solution to this problem can be opening a nearby window, which keeps the air moving inside the house.
  • There are many things that can possibly block your wooden stove’s chimney. Animal debris, nests and dust and insects can be one reason why your wooden stove is giving you troubles. It’s important here to understand that you cannot do a chimney sweep all on your own. As soon as you realize this as the root cause, consult an expert chimney sweep near your locality.

If you are a resident of Maryland, we are here to make this job easier for you. If you feel like you need a professional consultation on what’s wrong or require a wood stove repair job done, call Fireside Stone at 410.203.2876. You can even follow our blog for more related tips and tricks or information about a variety of heating systems.