Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Fireplace

December 4, 2017

Having a fireplace in your home adds to the overall aesthetic and provides an alternative heating source for your family. But not all fireplaces are pleasing to the eye, many home’s have existing fireplaces that are outdated, inefficient, and sometimes even unsafe. Let’s look at some easy ways to upgrade your current fireplace to make it stylish, energy efficient, and most importantly safe.

Fireside - Upgrades


Many older homes have fireplaces that are less than aesthetically pleasing because they are dated and out of style. By remodeling your fireplace or converting to a fireplace insert, you can completely change the look of your fireplace. When refinishing a fireplace your options are endless. Whether you want a grand mantle or a brick backdrop, you can create whatever type of look you want.

If you have a brick fireplace surround, whitewashing it or painting it can give it a fresh look. Likewise, a new mantle can completely change the look of your fireplace. If your fireplace hardware is dated, you can replace it or install a fireplace insert to give it a “facelift.”


Heating efficiency is a huge issue for older fireplaces. Traditional wood burning fireplaces are notorious for being inefficient and for losing heat. If you plan to use your fireplace on a regular basis and heat loss is a big concern of yours, consider converting to a fireplace insert. Inserts can burn gas, wood, or pellets, so they can be as cost effective and eco-friendly as you want them to be. Pellet stoves or wood stoves can be placed as an insert in place of a traditional firebox which will save on heating bills.


When doing any kind of renovation work on a fireplace, it is essential to have professional help. While many home improvement projects can easily be done by yourself, you’ll want to be especially careful when working with a fireplace. Tiny mistakes could potentially lead to short or long-term hazardous results. Safety is of utmost importance when working with fire and fireplaces so working with a professional is a must.

If you are ready for an upgrade for your dated or inefficient fireplace, give us at Fireside Stone and Patio a call (410-203-2876). Our experienced Maryland fireplace installation team can help you get the fireplace of your dreams while keeping you safe and saving you money in heating each month. Call us today to get started!