Spring Fireplace Checklist

February 9, 2017

The ideal time to have your yearly fireplace maintenance preformed is at the end of the burning season. Be sure you don’t miss any important spring fireplace maintenance items by following this spring fireplace checklist.

Maryland Chimney Sweeping Services

Chimney Sweep

Spring is the best time of year to schedule a chimney sweep and there’s no reason not to do it at least once a year. Most chimney sweeping services would recommend doing this service twice a year if you use your fireplace or wood stove fairly frequently. Here in Maryland, you could get away with having a chimney sweep service performed at the end of each burning season.

Chimney Inspection

A good chimney sweeping service will also take the time to inspect your chimney for you while they’re on your roof. Typically, this inspection will be enough to ensure your chimney is working properly. We do recommend a thorough chimney inspection at least every other year. A thorough chimney inspection will investigate your home’s chimney flue, interior fireplace or wood stove, vents, chimney interior and exterior inspections, chimney lining, cap and crown, and all chambers and compartments.

Chipped and Cracked Bricks on Chimney horiz

Chimney Masonry Repair

The masonry on your chimney will eventually need repair. The mortar joints can last up to 25 years if done by a professional stoneworking company. As these joints get older, they can start to crumble, and not to mention bricks can crack or break for a variety of reasons. As part of your spring fireplace checklist, take a quick look at your fireplace’s firebrick (where you put logs you burn) and the external masonry surrounding the chimney on your roof. If anything looks like it’s starting to crack or crumble, call in a professional custom stone-working company before any real damage occurs.

Gathering Firewood

If your fireplace is of the wood-burning variety, spring can be a good time of year to start gathering your firewood for next season. It’s easier to find deals on cords of wood, and it’s also a bit easier to find people willing to have you remove wood from their yard. If you can make firewood collection a year-long process, you’ll be able to avoid the scramble to collect wood for the colder months and save some money as well.

If you inspected your fireplace or had your fireplace inspected by a professional and need some fireplace repairs, get in touch with an experienced Maryland fireplace repair company. Fireside Stone & Patio is an Ellicott City fireplace repair company servicing Howard County, Baltimore County, and Carroll County, MD. Call Fireside Stone & Patio today at 410-203-2876 for a consultation with an expert!