Rust Stains on my Roof

February 3, 2017

Did you notice some rust stains while looking at your roof? There are a few different reasons for rust coloring on your roof, but regardless of the reason rust stains are not something you want. They are unattractive and can be signs of a much larger issue. There are a few explanations for the rust stains on your roof so lets take some time to review them to help you diagnose your roof.

rusted chimney cap

Chimney Caps

Your chimney has a cap on the top to keep pests out of the chimney flue and this cap can be made of metal. These caps can rust over time either because they are made from cheap metals or because they are old. Another reason for rust coloring around your chimney could be that the cap isn’t the correct size or shape for your chimney and the rust color is due to improper chimney ventilation.

Either way, if there is any discoloration on the roofing around the chimney, the chimney cap could be the culprit. Be sure to contact your preferred fireplace contractor to have them perform an inspection to determine what the cause is and fix it.

Roof Flashing

Along the same lines as a chimney cap, the flashing around your chimney is also made of metal. This flashing can rust for the same reasons as a chimney cap: cheap materials or age. If the rust on your roof isn’t coming from your chimney cap, yet you’re noticing a rust-colored line downhill from your chimney itself, it could be due to the flashing. Flashing isn’t too difficult to replace, but if you’re not comfortable with doing this chimney repair yourself, then get in touch with a fireplace service company in your area.

Rust on Shingles

If you’re seeing rust on your shingles, follow it to its source. Your asphalt shingles won’t contain metal, so there’s no reason for the shingle itself to rust. Instead, the rust will most likely be coming from another source such as the ones listed above. If there isn’t any metal on your roof, yet you are seeing rust, this could also be due to metal roofing nails used to secure your shingles to the roof decking.

rust on metal roof in Maryland

Metal Roofing

Over time, a metal roof will begin to deteriorate. No matter the quality of metal used to construct the roof, it won’t last forever. If you have a metal roof and it is getting to be at the end of its life expectancy, you may start to see rust. When this starts to happen, we suggest calling a roof inspector and having them look over your roof.

For more help with determining the source of rust on your roof if you have a chimney, get in touch with a Maryland fireplace repair company today. Fireside Stone and Patio is a leader in quality fireplace installation, sales, and service in Maryland. Give Fireside a call at 410-203-2876 to discuss your options, or fill out the form on our website today!