Pet Friendly Patio Ideas

August 11, 2017

Having an outdoor patio space adds value to your home and gives your family a place to relax and enjoy a warm summer night or brisk fall evening. But you wouldn’t want to leave out some members of your family, your pets!

By creatively incorporating some pet friendly patio ideas into your design, you can enjoy the outdoors with the whole family, including the four legged members. Here are some creative ways to design a patio while keeping your furry friends in mind.

pet friendly patio ideas

Keeping Your Pet Cool

One of the best things you can add to your patio to Benefit your dog (or cat), is an area for shade. While an umbrella over the table is nice, do you really want your dog permanently stationed under the dining table while your family tries to eat dinner?

By adding a dedicated shaded area for your pet, you can provide them with a place to cool down where they aren’t in the middle of an eating space. Some examples include a canopy, a free standing umbrella, or even a custom built dog house.

Keeping Your Pet Hydrated

Another important consideration for your pet’s health, safety, and comfort is a source of water. While a bowl of water will certainly serve this purpose, something like a filtered fountain can both take care of your animals, while also adding to the decor of your patio. Built-in patio fountains can take your patio from functional to being a relaxing oasis right in your backyard. And trust us, your four legged friends will thank you for the fresh, cool drink!

pet friendly patio tips

Keeping Your Pet Safe

In addition to keeping your pet(s) cool and hydrated, one of your top concerns is keeping them safe. If your yard is not fenced in, building a walled patio can help you keep your pet contained, but also with the family. Short walls around the edges of your patio can also provide additional seating for you and your guests. In addition to a wall, you’ll want to add a gate to the entrance/exit of the patio so there is no opening for your pet to escape from.

If you’re designing a patio, or simply plan to add to your existing patio, be sure to think of your pets in the design. If you need help with designing a patio with your pets in mind give Fireside Stone & Patio a call today! We have the experience to help you figure out some creative ways to make your patio more pet friendly!