Will a Patio Increase my Property Value?

February 22, 2017

If you know that you will eventually try to re-sell your home at some point, it’s important to consider how each add-on you build will eventually affect the property value of your home. If you’d like to add an outdoor space, one such entertainment area could be a patio—but will a patio increase your property value? The short answer is yes, a patio will increase your property’s value, but the patio needs to be built correctly for this to be the case.

Patio built with an outdoor fireplace

Good Size

A well-built patio needs to fit the yard it is built in. If a patio is built to be too large or too small for the space given, it will look like an after thought as opposed to the overall plan. Any addition to your home which looks like an after-thought will not increase your property value as much as something which looks like it was part of the original design. For this reason, we suggest consulting with a patio design company who has the experience to help you construct a patio that’s the perfect fit for your needs and your home.

Right Spot

Location is very important when building a patio. The outdoor area where the patio will go should have a great view as well as easy flow into and out of your home. If a patio is built in a good location, it will help to increase the value of your home. Another consideration when picking out the right spot for your patio is how saturated the ground will get when it rains. Avoid building your patio in areas where the ground holds water for extended periods of time as this can cause issues with a patio.

Patio built by a Maryland Patio Contractor

Proper Construction

Partnering with an experienced and trusted patio builder will ensure your patio is built to the highest of industry standards. If a patio is built by an inexperienced builder, it will cause the patio’s condition to degrade quickly over time. This will mean uneven bricks, sinking areas, and a bland-looking patio. Anyone can put down paver stones, what you want is to ensure your patio increases your property’s value, and this can only be achieved with the help of an experienced patio construction company.

Quality Materials

There are a wide variety of patio materials available on the market. Knowing what types of pavers, gravel, sand, etc. are best for your needs is important to the success of your patio project. When hiring a patio construction company, be sure to go over the types of materials they will be using on the project and let them know you want this patio to add value to your home.

If patio construction isn’t something you feel comfortable doing yourself, get in touch with a Maryland patio construction company for help. Fireside Stone & Patio is an experienced patio construction company with the ability to make your patio add real value to your property. For a free consultation, give Fireside a call at 410-203-2876 or fill out the form on our website today!