Patio Fireplace Accessories

March 3, 2017

Did you recently have a patio fireplace installed and are looking for some unique ways to deck it out? Here at Fireside Stone and Patio we’ve quite literally seen it all when it comes to full decked-out patios. So, we figured we’d share some of the most common patio fireplace accessories to help you in decorating your new outdoor space.

Patio Fireplace Accessories

Waterproof Storage

Have a waterproof storage container or shelving unit outside where you can store stuff which needs to remain dry. For example, it would be an ideal place to have a few blankets for those extra cold nights as well as some fire starters or fatwood. This storage doesn’t need to be huge, it could be as simple as a waterproof ottoman.

S’mores Station

S’mores and other types of foods you cook over an open flame definitely deserve a place on your patio. That said, you don’t want to have marshmallow all over your brand new patio pavers. So, confine these activities to a S’mores station which you can move up to the fireplace when it’s cooking time. Include things like sticks for cooking, paper towels, and other necessities.

Firewood Rack

If your outdoor fireplace is going to be of the wood-burning variety, you will want a place to store and keep all of the wood you burn. If your Maryland fireplace builder didn’t install a permanent fireplace rack, you can build your own firewood rack or purchase a pre-made one.

Fire-Resistant Furniture

This is a big one. The furniture around your outdoor fireplace is bound to get close to the open flames. Make sure whatever type of furniture you buy is going to be fire-resistant or, even better, fireproof.

Fireplace Tools

Having the right tools is one of the most important parts of fireplace ownership. Be sure your set also includes hearth gloves (if it doesn’t you can buy them separately) so you can move logs or embers quickly and safely.

Ash Bucket

Depending on how your fireplace was built, you may need to have an ash bucket handy for whenever the fireplace ash gets to be too full.


An andiron is a heavy metal fireplace accessory which you place at the mouth of your fireplace. It’s purpose is to prevent any logs from rolling out of the fireplace—and they look really cool too. Get a set on andirons which match your outdoor fireplace to really deck it out.

If you’re looking for more advice for your outdoor fireplace or grill, or you’d like to have a new outdoor fireplace installed, call a local Maryland fireplace construction company today. Fireside stone & patio is the area’s leading fireplace design and installation service. Give Fireside at call at 410-203-2876 or fill out the form on our website today.