Outdoor Fireplace Maintenance

April 7, 2017

With spring in full-bloom, home-owners are starting the transition from using their indoor fireplaces to using an outdoor fireplace. Before you make the transition yourself, here are some tips to maintaining your outdoor fireplace and getting it ready for the outdoor seasons.

Patio built with an outdoor fireplace

Foundation Issues

Your outdoor fireplace is placed on a foundation which itself rests on the ground. The ground, especially here in Maryland and Pennsylvania, is subject to something called frost heave. Frost heave is when the ground freezes and the water within the ground swells. This means it’s very possible your foundation could crack or shift over the winter. If this happens, you’ll want to ensure your fireplace is unaffected by any cracks and have them repaired when necessary.

Maintaining the Chimney

Just like an indoor fireplace, you will need to keep your outdoor fireplace chimney properly maintained so that the smoke can freely flow out of it. If you use an outdoor gas fireplace, you will also want to ensure all of the gas lines, burners, and pilot lights are functioning properly to prevent any dangerous problems on top of it all. If you’re not sure how best to check and maintain these parts of your outdoor fireplace, get in touch with an outdoor fireplace repair company in Maryland.

Clean Everything Out

One obvious spring maintenance task for your outdoor fireplace is going to be emptying the fireplace of all ash, and giving it a good cleaning. We first suggest using a shop-vac to remove all the ash (and not a broom) as it will be easiest and prevent smearing. Then, use stiff-bristle brush or desk scrub to get some of the more caked-on spots up with some warm soapy water.

outdoor fireplace

Prune Back Foliage

Plants which are placed near your fireplace need to be pruned or trimmed back to reduce the possibility of a fire. Regardless if it’s the correct time of year to prune your tree or shrub; and overgrown flammable plant near your fireplace is a dangerous fire hazard you want to avoid.

Have your Fireplace Inspected

Once everything is cleaned up, it’s a good time to have your outdoor fireplace inspected. A fireplace inspector will be able to identify any potential issues present with your fireplace, and help you determine what needs to be fixed. While the inspector is there, this is also the ideal time to have your indoor fireplace inspection completed as well.

Fireside Stone & Patio is an outdoor fireplace installation and repair company as well as a chimney inspection and chimney sweeping company. Here at Fireside we have the experience and skill necessary to help you get your outdoor fireplace ready, or to install a new fireplace, for the outdoor entertaining season. For more information on the services we offer, give us a call at 410-203-2876 today!