Joys of an Outdoor Fireplace

May 28, 2014

5860204434_5403eff68a_b (1)Do you love being outside as much as possible and feel a sense of dread when cold weather forces you back in? Do you wish you could use the outside spaces of your home more efficiently and truly make your outside property a “room of its own?” If so, you’ll love having an outdoor fireplace for warmth and enjoyment through many seasons.

Just as an indoor fireplace is the gathering point of any home, an outdoor fireplace will have the same effect, creating a cozy conversation area and family hang out. There are several reasons to enjoy an outdoor fireplace, including the following:

  • Heat. An outdoor fireplace will produce heat, and this will allow you to be outside in comfort for a longer period of time. Outdoor fireplaces can run on natural gas, butane, or wood, and are as easy and simple to operate as an indoor fireplace. You’ll be able to stay outside far longer into the fall!
  • Comfort. A fireplace literally brings the comforts of home and places them outside. Usually, an outdoor fireplace doesn’t just stand alone – it’s the focal point of the yard, exactly like its indoor cousin! If you surround your outdoor fireplace with comfortable furniture and fireside tables, this is where everyone will want to be.
  • Décor. Outdoor fireplaces are beautiful. You’ll be able to define the rest of your outdoor look with a handsome outdoor fireplace. Try to mimic the architectural elements of your home to connect the two – or, go an entirely different route and make a bold statement if you’re adventurous!
  • Fireplaces add value. Investing in outdoor spaces is a great way to maximize return on investment if looking to add to the value of your home. Real estate agents will play up the outdoor fireplace to potential buyers, and many will see it as a wonderful bonus to the home.
  • You can create an expanded living space around an outdoor fireplace. Why stop at just a fireplace? With a patio and designated outdoor kitchen, you can be outside for long periods of time with absolutely no effort! This is when you truly can call your outdoor setup a living space.

There are many reasons to see what the fuss is about and experience the joys of an outdoor fireplace. We’re sure once you have one, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. To learn more, contact us at Fireside Stone & Patio!