How Much is a Cord of Wood?

October 12, 2017

Back in the 1600’s, wood was sold in bundles and tied with a cord. As such, the unit of measurement called a cord came into being. However, cords were smaller back then, due to the limit of how much a single person could carry. These days, the cord has changed in its specifications. Because wood is such a flexible and ever-changing resource, there is no universal fixed cost for a cord. It’s best to work within estimates by each state. Let’s explore the content and pricing that is associated with a cord of wood in Maryland!

How Much is a Cord of Wood?

How Much is a Cord of Firewood?

When speaking in measurement terms, a cord of firewood is generally considered to be 4 feet high x 4 feet wide x 8 feet long. This is assuming that all pieces of wood are lined up perfectly, and each piece weighs extremely similar to one another. By volume, the wood would measure 128 cubic feet. We commonly see orders of ½ or ¾ of a cord, so the sizes and prices could vary significantly. For instance, half a cord of wood should be 4 feet high x 4 feet wide x 4 feet long, equal to 64 cubic feet. If you’re wondering what you can feasibly transport, a long pickup truck bed can usually handle one cord of wood.

What Does a Cord of Firewood Cost?

As mentioned, such prices tend to differ. The prices are influenced by the time of year, the type of wood, location, and the state of the market. On average, in Maryland, a cord of wood will cost you anywhere between $200-300. You could also see a variety of different fees depending on what kind of service you’re looking for. If you want your wood to be stacked on your property after delivery, it will cost extra; the flipside is to stack it yourself after delivery. And, if you don’t have a way to reliably transport your wood, you may have to shell out more cash for delivery.

You might not want to immediately reach for the cheapest firewood; you get what you pay for. Higher quality wood will burn longer, brighter, and hotter. Get the most out of your cord by purchasing the right amount and the right wood for you.

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