How Close can a Tree be to my Patio?

March 15, 2017

If you’re looking to have a patio built in your backyard, you should consider what is underneath your yard’s surface before breaking earth. Stone patios are affected by the earth on which they lay much more than a raised deck simply because more surface area is in contact with the ground. This means it’s extremely important to consider what elements can affect a patio, such as trees. So, how close can a tree be to my patio? There’s not just one answer, so here’s what to consider.

How can trees damage my patio?

Tree roots are powerful, slow-moving forces. They are very good at finding the path of least resistance to water. One such area would be the gravel and sand base which a stone patio is built on. If a patio is built close to a tree, the tree’s roots may venture into the gravel and sand foundation of the patio. As the tree’s roots move through the foundation, it causes the patio pavers above to rise leading to an un-even patio.

How close can a tree be to my patio?

On average, a tree’s roots will branch out twice as far as the tree’s canopy. This means if the tree’s canopy extends about 10 feet from the trunk of the tree, then the roots are probably 20 feet out. That said, this is how far the roots are at the time you build the patio; it’s very important to consider where tree roots will be 5 or even 30 years from now! For this reason, we suggest hiring an experienced patio builder in Maryland who can offer insights on how to build a patio which will last for many years.

What Should I do if a Tree is Too Close?

Hopefully, you haven’t built the patio yet and can simply choose a location further away from the tree. If this isn’t an option, you could chop the tree down and plant a new one elsewhere. It’s also possible to have your tree moved if you really like it, but it can be expensive if the tree is fairly large. A final option is to just let nature take it’s course and hope the roots won’t bother your patio.

Installing a Stone Patio in Maryland

Maryland is a unique state. We see a fairly even amount of all four seasons, have a wide variety of native trees and shrubs, and have a wealth of burrowing animals. Each of these elements brings a unique set of challenges which affect stone patios. If you’d like to have a new stone patio installed in your backyard, give a trusted Maryland patio installation company a call as they have the experience to ensure your the installation is done correctly and can withstand the unique challenges of Maryland.

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