Gas Stove vs. Wood Burning Stove

October 5, 2016


A beautiful fireplace or wood stove can be a wonderful selling point for your home. They rate second most important, just behind decks and patios, according to the National Association of Home Builders. Different home owners have different preferences on wood stoves, gas stoves, and fireplaces, but which one is better and right for my home? Below we list the pros and cons of both the gas stove and the wood burning stove. We recommend discussing with a professional your home’s layout and your needs before making a decision.

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Wood Stove Pros

  • Can produce large amounts of heat
  • Tend to be less expensive
  • Can be connected to a chimney for easy installation
  • Are aesthetically pleasing additions to your home

Wood Stove Cons

  • Temperatures and output are not easily regulated
  • Adjustments to heat take time
  • Wood to burn can become expensive or you may over or underestimate your need for wood each season
  • Require a lot of cleaning
  • Requires constant refilling of fuel (Overnight)
  • Requires time to start
  • Requires aftercare (Closing dampers when finished)
  • Storing wood each year requires space

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Gas Stove Pros

  • Clean burning
  • Simple to use
  • Require little maintenance
  • Start-up is immediate (Flipping a switch)
  • Dial controls
  • High efficiency rating
  • Comes in a variety of BTU output options

Gas Stove Cons

  • Do not generally put out as much heat as a wood stove
  • More expensive than the average wood stove
  • Require professional installation
  • Require annual inspections

When deciding between a wood stove and a gas stove, consider the pros and cons of each. Take into account time, budget, access to fuel, and your homes heating needs. If you have questions about home heating or want to discuss which option is best for you and your home, contact Fireside Stone and patio today to speak to a home heating expert.