Should I Use my Fireplace with a Baby in the House?

February 13, 2018

Bringing a new baby home comes with so much joy, but it also come with so many worries and fears. New parents worry about everything from feeding, to sleeping, to diapering, to home safety. One thing that is especially concerning for many new parents is using their fireplace with a baby in the home, but by practicing proper fire safety, there is no need to worry. Let’s look at some potential dangers to using a fireplace with a baby in the home, and the way to prevent them.

Should I Use my Fireplace with a Baby in the House

Air Quality Concerns

The biggest thing new parents worry about when using a fireplace in the home after bringing home baby is the air quality. Traditional fireplaces can pose a health risk if they are not properly maintained. Air from inside the fireplace can back up into the home if there is a chimney problem and can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning or smoke inhalation.

To prevent air quality issues in your home make sure you have a  fireplace chimney inspection at least once a year. Structural damage, creosote buildup, and environmental debris can all lead to unclean air in your home. Having regular chimney cleanings is another important part of maintaining a fireplace. Creosote builds up in your chimney with fireplace use and if it is not removed it can cause air quality issues and a fire hazard.

In addition to having your fireplace inspected and cleaned, installing a fire and carbon monoxide detector in your home is essential. By having alarms throughout your home (hardwired with a battery backup) you can rest easy knowing you’ll be aware if there is a problem. If you are still concerned about air quality when using your fireplace, you can also purchase an air quality detector for your home and keep it in the area where your fireplace is.

Burn Concerns

The other major concern parents have when using the fireplace comes when the new baby grows up a little bit and becomes mobile. Once your little one is crawling or toddling around the house, you may be concerned about the potential for burns. Babies and toddlers don’t instinctively know not to touch things that are hot, such as a fireplace screen or a stove burner. Likewise, with a wood burning fireplace there is sometimes a risk of sparks or embers making their way out of the fireplace.

To keep your little one safe around the fire while it is on, using a screen around the fireplace can help deter them while also keeping them far enough away that most embers will not reach them. If you are still concerned, using a playpen around the fireplace can give you a larger barrier. The most important safety step you can take, however, is never leaving your little one unattended around the fireplace.

If you have a fireplace that you’ve been concerned about using since bringing your little bundle of joy home, give us at Fireside Stone and Patio a call today to discuss some ways to make your fireplace more safe. At Fireside we can inspect and repair any issues with your fireplace, putting your mind at ease. If you are ready to start using your fireplace again, give us at Fireside a call today!