Getting Your Fireplace or Stove Ready for Summer

April 12, 2016


Two times a year your fireplace and wood or pellet stove should be prepped for the changing of seasons: in the fall and in the spring. Following a long, cold winter of working hard, your fireplace and/or wood stove need special attention. They should be inspected for any damage, as well as thoroughly cleaned before heading into summer to save you a headache in the fall. There are a few specific things you can do to get your heating appliances in order before summer, so let’s take a look!

Fireplace Cleaning

If you used your fireplace or stove regularly this winter, they probably got covered in soot and other byproducts of combustion. Taking the time to clean your firebox and stove in spring will save you time and troubles in the fall when you are ready to fire up your appliances to start the season. If you have a gas fireplace rather than a wood-burning one, spring is a good time to clean its glass front. While with gas you don’t have the issue of ash or soot, your fireplace can still begin to look dirty after a lot of use, so dusting any vents and cleaning any glass surfaces will make it look like new again.

And don’t forget about the chimney! Burning wood leaves behind creosote buildup in your chimney due to incomplete combustion. It’s inevitable and it can be dangerous if you allow it to build there for years. It’s a good idea to have your chimney cleaned at least once a year before or after the heating season. If you haven’t done this last fall, now is a good time.

Fireplace Inspection

It is also important to inspect your fireplace or wood stove thoroughly on an annual basis. Look carefully for any cracks in the firebox or chimney, especially in the spring after a long winter of cold temps and many fires. If you pay to have someone come out to clean the chimney, they should be able to see any issues you may have brewing. If you have a wood stove, don’t forget to inspect its chimney too, as well as door gaskets, to make sure they are still tight and secure.

At Fireside Stone and Patio, our expert team can help you get your fireplace or wood stove in tip-top shape, whether you simply need it inspected, or you have a major issue on your hands. Fireplace and wood stove maintenance can extend the life and efficiency of your unit and prevent expensive repairs or replacements in the future. Efficiency and safety are of utmost importance when dealing with a fireplace or wood stove, so don’t waste any time in having yours inspected! If your fireplace or wood stove is in need of a little TLC, give our Maryland fireplace experts a call today to set up an appointment!