Fireplace Decorating Tips For the Season

November 22, 2017

Chilly nights are giving way to cold nights as we approach the beginnings of the holiday season. It’s almost time for the snowfall to start making its first appearance, which means more time around the fireplace! So let’s figure out how best to decorate your fireplace for “the season”.

The key is knowing how to decorate and style your fireplace to make it feel welcoming and warm. Instead of lamenting the loss of outdoor living for the winter, let’s explore the ways that you can enjoy your indoor fireplace just as much!

Fireplace Decorating Tips For the Season


Looking for a fun, family-oriented indoor activity? Consider making DIY ornaments that will decorate your mantle! Something as simple as paper-cut snowflakes will do the trick (although, be sure to be fire safe when hanging them). You can also search for fun directions online to make more elaborate, exciting ornaments.

Keep a Theme

Regardless of what you celebrate during the holiday season, a general wintery theme is easy to create. Boughs of pine, fairy lights, and holly berries tend to create the feeling of festivity. You can purchase all sorts of natural decorations that can be presented in a way that impresses guests and encourages family members to spend time with one another.

Stick to Silver

Reflecting the firelight is a must if you’re looking for that sparkling, twinkling feeling of winter. Silver ornaments or drapery always does the trick! An easy DIY can be as simple as purchasing a dollar store container, spray painting it silver, and filling it with a bouquet of winter flowers. If you’ve added fairy lights to the display (otherwise known as Christmas lights) your fireplace will provide a dynamic, magical glow.

Take Tips From Nature

If you don’t want to spend the money on faux ferns or plastic poinsettias, consider borrowing from the wintery outdoors to decorate your fireplace. Some of the best fireplace decorations are taken from nature! Real pinecones or authentic evergreen branches can add a simple yet effective seasonal feel. Get as creative as you can—make it a family activity!

Play With Texture

Keep things interesting with different textures! Use a few smooth ornaments hanging from the lip of your mantle, and contrast it with a few glittery pinecones. Try to include silky drapery, alongside soft evergreen. This keeps your fireplace decorations fun and interesting, keeping your fireplace exciting throughout the whole season.

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