Fireplace and Stove Accessories for a Finished Look

January 20, 2016

fireplace decorative

A fireplace serves to heat your home in colder months, but it also adds to the aesthetic value of whatever room it is in. While the fireplace itself can be a beautiful focal point in any room, there are some fireplace accessories that can be both functional and beautiful. Making simple changes by adding some decorative and functional accessories to your fireplace or stove can make a huge impact on the feel of your room.

Functional Accessories

When it comes to a fireplace, safety always comes first! Whether you have small children or animals in your home or not, a fireplace screen is always a smart idea. Screens serve to protect you and others in your home from burns and stray embers, but they also come in a wide variety of styles to perfectly match your interior.

A log carrier is another functional accessory for your fireplace, making your job of maintaining the fire easier. Log carriers are often made of durable canvas with handles, allowing you to carry more wood at a time, without all the mess of carrying it by hand.

If you have a log carrier, you might as well get a wood holder to have a place to store all those logs you’ve brought in. Some wood holders come as a set with the log carrier, so that you can just set the carrier on a metal frame. However, if you want to use your carrier for a few trips down to the wood pile, you may need a bigger wood holder. Thankfully, wood holders come in many shapes and sizes and can even serve double duty as shelves or decorative statements.

A traditional fireplace tool set is another functional item that can also add to the look of your fireplace. A typical tool set features a shovel, poker, broom, tongs, and sometimes a bellow, as well as a stand to hang them all. Tool sets and tool holders come in countless styles from wrought iron to brass and bronze to fit in any home.

And, finally, an ash bucket can serve both functionally and as a statement piece for your fireplace or wood stove.

Decorative Accessories

One accessory you can add to your home’s wood-burning fireplace is a decorative fireplace grate. The grate is what you place the wood on for your fire, but many companies offer personalized grates and generic decorative grates to spruce up your fireplace.

Fireplace displays also instantly transform the look and feel of your fireplace when it’s not in use or is a non-working one. Whether it’s a facade that looks like stacked logs or a candelabra, fireplace displays take your out-of-commission summertime fireplace and turn it back into a beautiful centerpiece for your room.

A hearth rug is one more decorative accessory that can be added to your fireplace surround to give it a more polished look. Hearth rugs are flame resistant and usually have non-slip backing on them for your safety.

At Fireside Stone and Patio, we carry many of the accessories listed above and can help you finish the look and feel of your fireplace with these little details. Maybe your fireplace is in need of a little more attention and perhaps you are interested in updating your mantel? We can do that too and would love to meet with you to discuss this project!