Everything You Need to Know About Big Green Egg Grills

June 25, 2015


If you live in the U.S. and enjoy grilling, you’ve probably heard about the line of Big Green Egg grills many people are raving about. You’ve probably even seen these dinosaur-egg-looking appliances on TV or in a coupon mailer from your local home improvement store. But what exactly is all this fuss about? A grill is just a grill, right? After Fireside Stone and Patio has become an authorized dealer of Big Green Egg grills in Maryland, we’ve learned a lot about this marvelous device and got to try it for ourselves. Here is why we think a Big Green Egg grill is a great addition to any home.

It’s a Kamado Grill

A Big Green Egg is a modern take on the Japanese kamado cooker. Fueled by charcoal, kamado is a traditionally round clay vessel used for indoor cooking in Japan and China. Big Green Egg grill used the same cooking principle and also operates on charcoal, but instead of clay it’s made of ceramics.

The air-tight ceramic cooking chamber allows for cooking that keeps food moist, evenly heated and prevents contamination with metallic tastes. Each Big Green Egg is equipped with a draft door that controls the amount of air in the firebox and thus helps regulate the temperature. Big Green Egg may not be the only kamado-style grill on the market, but it’s one of the oldest and most well-established brands.

3 in 1: Grill, Oven and Smoker

One of the best features of the Big Green Egg grills is their incredible versatility packed in a very neat and compact form. A Big Green Egg is a grill, a smoker and an oven, all in one. How is this possible? Thanks to the unique ceramic cooking chamber construction and precise temperature controls, this appliance can grill steaks at 750F or smoke a brisket at 200F.

Its indirect heat feature and a multitude of accessories also allow to use Big Green Egg as an oven to bake pizza and even bread. This versatility eliminates the need for separate smokers or outdoor ovens, saving you money in the long run. The manufacturer claims that the Big Green Egg is “the only outdoor cooker you will ever needs.” As soon as we got our hands on one at Fireside, we had to test how well it really performs, and we can confidently say that these claims are not unsupported. Check out this pizza perfection we cooked up on a baking stone.


Variety of Sizes

The current lineup of Big Green Egg grills includes 7 models that range from XXLarge to Mini. The largest of them weighs close to 500lbs and can cook 35-40 burgers or 18-20 steaks at the same time. The two smallest models are portable and are great for picnics, camping and tailgating. Traditional grills rarely offer these many options, and if you downsize you usually lose some important features. Each Big Green Egg, on the other hand, is the same excellent cooker regardless of the size.

Dozens of Accessories

If the shape and lack of counter space on a Big Green Egg are deal breakers for you, don’t move on just yet. The manufacturer of this wonderful grill has evaluated all possible customer needs and grill use scenarios and released a huge line of accessories to help you customize your experience with your Big Green Egg. The accessories include, but are not limited to:

  • Tables and custom islands
  • Nests, handlers and mates
  • Charcoal, starters and smoking woods
  • Plate setters and baking stones
  • Temperature control devices
  • Cookware and cooking tools
  • Grill covers
  • Cookbooks and seasonings

You will be sure to find a combination of accessories that make a Big Green Egg work for your outdoor space and your cooking needs.

If you plan on purchasing one of the Big Green Egg grills in the near future, be sure to do so from an official Big Green Egg dealer in Maryland. This is the only way to make sure you are getting a quality product and exclusive warranties. Contact Fireside Stone and Patio today or visit our Ellicott City grill showroom to shop for this and many other grills and outdoor cookers.