Does My Gas Stove Have a Warranty Or Repair Plan?

November 15, 2016


Each year, thousands of people protest about their gas stoves and the problems they face because of them. Most people who do so also inquire regularly from their heating contractor regarding the warranty and repair plans. Some may even consider getting an extended warranty.

Before you make such a choice though, make sure you are not flushing your money down the drain. A number of retailers push their customers into buying something they don’t really need. For all such contracts, agents keep 50% of the fees for themselves. This simply means they are making money by selling their ‘additional’ products.

If you still want to opt for a stove repair plan, or an extended warranty in Maryland, stop and consider the following details yourself.

Repairs Are Often Covered By a Manufacturers’ Warranty

It’s a common belief that repairs for gas stoves are not covered in the initial warranties. Yes, it’s true that some warranties don’t last as long as the others, but that doesn’t imply in any way that your manufacturers’ warranty is never valid. There is a pretty good chance that your stove is covered for at least the first three months of purchase.

If you buy a service plan, you are simply going to duplicate the services that were being provided to you without any additional charges.

Some Stove Manufacturers Replace the Equipment Free Of Cost

Aside from the warranties, even when gas appliances break down there are several manufacturing companies who cover the repairs on an average rate. If this is not possible, and there is a genuine problem with your gas stove, they will also help you by replacing your stove with a new one—free of cost.

So before you look at various outlets to come to your rescue, it’s best to consult your heating contractor at the first chance you get.

Repairs for Gas Stoves Are Seldom Very Costly

A repair job for gas stoves is not going to cause you running for your wallet. A latest survey states that even when gas and electrical appliances do break down, they cost an average of about $1 to fix.

So if you have worries relating to the maintenance or repair of your gas stoves, feel free to try consulting or contracting services from Fireside Stone at 410.203.2876. For residents of Maryland and Baltimore, our services are the best option available.