Cracks in Fireplace Bricks

August 4, 2017

Have you noticed if your fireplace has developed a crack or two in some of its bricks? This damage is something you need to address promptly in order to protect your home from the potential fire hazard these cracks cause. Here’s what it will take to repair the cracks in your fireplace, and why it’s a good idea to hire a professional.

cracks in fireplace bricks

First, Lets Assess the Damage

There are a variety of issues which can pop-up with a fireplace. Anything from cracks in the bricks, deteriorating mortar joints between bricks, or water infiltration into the chimney. All of these issues have varying degrees of seriousness and difficultly of repair. All of which should be repaired or replaced; some of which are easier to handle than others. When it comes to cracks in the individual bricks, this repair is no easy task.

Why is a Crack in a Fireplace Concerning?

The bricks in your fireplace are there to help direct the smoke produced in the fire up and out of your home. If a crack forms in one of the bricks on your fireplace, it can create an opening for the by-products present in smoke not to leave your home. This can lead to creosote build-up in unsafe areas and ultimately a dangerous fire.

Can I Repair the Cracks in Fireplace Brick Myself?

Sure, it’s entirely possible to repair the cracks which can appear in a fireplace’s bricks yourself. There are essentially two methods: either replace the whole brick and molding or to remove the smaller chuck of the crack and fill the area in with fire-resistance mortar. This is no simple task though, and for this reason it’s recommended you hire a professional fireplace repair service.

When Should I Have Someone Repair the Cracks?

The cracks which appear in a fireplace are something which needs to be addressed immediately. It’s not something you want to wait around on as it can lead to a serious build-up of creosote and a subsequent house fire. The sooner you can have your fireplace repaired by a professional Maryland fireplace repair service the sooner it will safe to use again.

Why Choose Fireside Stone & Patio

Fireside Stone & Patio has been serving Maryland homeowners and customers since 1976. We are a family-run business that focuses on helping you build a gorgeous fireplace in your home for a fair and honest price. With our extensive experience in fireplace installation and repair, we’ve quite literally seen it all and can help you with any issue you are experiencing with your fireplace.

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