Common Paver Patio Design Patterns

June 9, 2017

Are you looking to have a new patio installed? One important consideration will be the design your new patio will use. While you could leave this choice up to your Maryland patio builder, we think it’s best you take some time to familiarize yourself with the common paver patio design patterns. This will help you make an informed decision which best fits your unique style and taste.


Basket Weave Paver Pattern

A basket weave patio design looks amazing on bigger patios. This design has two rectangle pavers facing the same direction beside each other (almost making a square) and then the next set of bricks face in the perpendicular direction from the previous. If you really want to shake things up, have your patio installation company in Maryland lay the basket weave pattern diagonally relative to your home.

Running Bond Paver Pattern

A running bond patio design looks best when your patio incorporates elongated pavers of equal size, such as bricks. In fact, this pattern is what you commonly see in a brick wall. We’ve found this elegant, yet minimalist pattern looks best when lain diagonally as opposed to parallel to your home’s exterior wall.

Circular Paver Pattern

A circular patio design is a great way for a patio to draw attention to a unique feature or aspect of the patio. For example, if your patio is going to incorporate a fire pit or fountain, then the common design used to surround those features is a circular paver pattern. Typically, we also see home-owners install built-in seating at the edges of the circular pattern to polish off the design and then switch to another pattern beyond the seating area.

Random Paver Patterns

Random Paver Patterns

A random patio design isn’t every truely random; it’s usually a complex repetition of a larger pattern. The random paver pattern is usually achieved using pavers of different sizes, and laying them down according to a design template. One way to take this design to the next level is to have your Maryland patio builder use pavers of alternating colors or shades in the same color family.

Herringbone Paver Pattern

Herringbone Paver Pattern

A herringbone patio design is one of the most popular designs over the past couple of years. The name of this design originates from its resemblance to the skeleton of a fish called a herring. The design itself looks almost like a zig-zag pattern and when applied correctly by an experienced patio builder in Maryland, it is quite elegant.

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