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Ellicott City Outdoor Kitchen Installation

August 14, 2017

Adding an outdoor kitchen to your deck or patio can be a great addition to your home. By creating a designated space for cooking and grilling, you can increase the amount of time you get to spend outside—and the quality of that time. There are many options available and many things to consider when designing […]

Memorial Day Grilling Event

May 8, 2017

Don’t miss out on this year’s Memorial Day Grilling Event at Fireside Stone and Patio! Fireside’s Memorial Day Grilling Event will run through May 30th and offer amazing deals on some of the world’s best outdoor grills, smokers, islands, and more. Summer is almost here! It’s time to take your outdoor cooking to the next […]

Selecting a Grill for your Patio

April 13, 2017

In the market for a new grill to use on your patio or deck? There are a lot of options available to you so be sure you take some time and figure out exactly what type of grill you’re looking for before heading out to find one. In fact, here are some of the most […]

Can An Outdoor Kitchen Increase My Maryland Property Value?

October 13, 2016

You might think that your Outdoor Kitchen will only help sell your home or increase your home’s value if you’re selling it to a professional chef, but you’d be wrong! While an outdoor kitchen won’t increase your Maryland property value like that of an updated kitchen or a newly renovated master bedroom, do consider what […]

Stand Alone Grills vs. Built-In Grills, What to Consider

August 12, 2016

Perhaps you are designing a complete patio or deck overhaul, or maybe you just want to spruce up your outdoor space so that it is more functional and enjoyable for you. Adding a grill to your outdoor space provides function above all, but can also give you a relaxing alternative to cooking in the hustle […]

5 Functional Outdoor Kitchen Must-Haves

March 11, 2016

You love your new deck or patio and the relaxing outdoor time it has given you and your family. But you want to spend even more time outside, perhaps for dinner in the evenings or for family cookouts on the weekends. An outdoor kitchen can add function and versatility to your outdoor space, and our […]

Deciding Between an Outdoor Kitchen and a Stand-alone Grill

May 28, 2015

When you are remodeling or building out your outdoor entertainment space, you will eventually come to a dilemma. Should you get a stand-alone grill or build an entire outdoor kitchen with a built-in grill, counter tops, fridge, and maybe even a sink? If budget is not an issue, there are a few pros and cons […]