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How do Pellet Stoves Work?

January 24, 2018

Pellet stoves are a great heating alternative to wood stoves and traditional fireplaces. Pellet stoves work as a secondary heat source and can help keep your home warm throughout the winter while also lowering your heating bills. But what exactly are pellet stoves, and how do they work? Let’s look at how a pellet stove […]

Why Install a Pellet Stove

April 21, 2017

With rising electricity and gas costs, many homeowners are turning their attention to alternate heating options for their home. Traditional woodstoves have been a popular choice for generations, providing warmth for the whole home, but is there another alternative? Pellet stoves are gaining in popularity because of their low cost, their low maintenance, and their […]

Why is My Pellet Stove Whistling

December 6, 2016

When it comes to heating your home, pellet stoves and wood stoves are options that rarely require repair. A well made wood stove can last a lifetime without anything major to address, other than routine maintenance and cleaning. With that in mind, we do find that often times people complain of a whistling pellet stove. […]

Does My Gas Stove Have a Warranty Or Repair Plan?

November 15, 2016

Each year, thousands of people protest about their gas stoves and the problems they face because of them. Most people who do so also inquire regularly from their heating contractor regarding the warranty and repair plans. Some may even consider getting an extended warranty. Before you make such a choice though, make sure you are […]

Gas Stove vs. Wood Burning Stove

October 5, 2016

  A beautiful fireplace or wood stove can be a wonderful selling point for your home. They rate second most important, just behind decks and patios, according to the National Association of Home Builders. Different home owners have different preferences on wood stoves, gas stoves, and fireplaces, but which one is better and right for […]

Catalytic Wood Stove vs. Non-Catalytic

September 15, 2016

If you are in the market for a new woodstove, you’ve got some things to consider before taking the plunge. Wood stoves come in two varieties, catalytic and non-catalytic, each with their own pros and cons. Which type of stove you should get depends on several factors including your heating needs and your budget. Let’s […]

Fireplace and Stove Accessories for a Finished Look

January 20, 2016

A fireplace serves to heat your home in colder months, but it also adds to the aesthetic value of whatever room it is in. While the fireplace itself can be a beautiful focal point in any room, there are some fireplace accessories that can be both functional and beautiful. Making simple changes by adding some […]

3 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Pellet Stove

December 16, 2015

  A pellet stove, unlike a wood stove, runs off fuel pellets, which burn cleaner and are often made of recycled materials. A pellet stove can be a wonderful addition to your home, providing warmth and lowering your monthly energy bills while minimally impacting the environment. Once you’ve made the decision to add a pellet […]

Where to Place a Heating Stove in Your Home

October 15, 2015

A heating stove can be a great addition to your home. It is more energy efficient than a fireplace, relatively inexpensive to maintain, and adds character to every home. When selecting a spot for your new heating stove, whether it’s a wood, gas or pellet stove, there are two major things to consider: safety and […]