Can I Have a Fireplace Installed in Maryland?

October 6, 2017

There are many factors to consider before you start to think about installing a fireplace in your home. A Maryland fireplace installation comes with steps and situations that can complicate the process—don’t let this discourage you! A fireplace is a beautiful and welcoming addition to your home in whichever room you decide to place it. If you’re looking to install a wood burning fireplace, or any other type of hearth, read on for a few preliminary considerations.

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What Are the Options?

There are generally three types of fireplaces to choose from before you’re ready for installation. You could choose a wood burning fireplace, a gas fireplace, or an electric fireplace. All three are excellent options, but you should still consider each carefully. A wood burning fireplace, for example, is going to require more resources than a gas or electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces are generally safer, and gas fireplaces can be easily controlled with the flick of a button while still providing real, gorgeous fire.

What Could Happen?

First, consider your budget. You’ll want a comfortable cushion of extra funds in order to cover any unexpected expenses. These may arise when installing a wood burning fireplace, due to the amount of renovation surrounding the process of installation.

If you want a wood burning fireplace, you’re going to need a chimney, which could require extensive renovation. If you weren’t planning for such complications, perhaps you should check out the other two options. Electric fireplaces only require a power outlet, so they are the easiest to install. Consider, also, how much space you’ll be heating. A sizeable living room wouldn’t do well to have a wood burning fireplace, as they don’t produce very much heat despite their cozy appearance. For generally sized living spaces, gas stoves are the most effective when it comes to heating.

Maryland Fireplace Installation

So, can you install a fireplace in Maryland? Absolutely! The key is to cater to your family and choose the fireplace that suits you best. Think hard and carefully about what kind of energy source you’d like to use and center your decisions around your budget, not your emotions. With proper planning and the right contractor, you’ll have a stunning hearth to enjoy in no time.

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