Can An Outdoor Kitchen Increase My Maryland Property Value?

October 13, 2016

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You might think that your Outdoor Kitchen will only help sell your home or increase your home’s value if you’re selling it to a professional chef, but you’d be wrong! While an outdoor kitchen won’t increase your Maryland property value like that of an updated kitchen or a newly renovated master bedroom, do consider what else it will add to your home in addition to monetary value.

Sell Quickly

Unlike California and other sunshine states, Maryland features all four seasons, so consider that an Outdoor kitchen can boost your selling potential in the spring and summer months when buyers are really looking for outdoor entertaining possibilities. In this scenario, that outdoor space will help to sell your home quickly!

Attract Better Buyers

There are buyers out there who are specifically looking for a great conversation piece and added bells and whistles – they don’t want to just keep up with the Jones’, they want to be the Jones. It’s this kind of buyer that not only has the added funds to meet your selling demands but that also is less likely to counter offer and appreciates the added value of such commodities.

Makes Your Listing Stand Out

There are thousands of Maryland homes out there and many buyers struggle with getting their house sold in a reasonable amount of time. Having a diamond in the rough will help move your listing because you have something that stands out to the buyer. An outdoor kitchen makes your home memorable. Even when a perspective buyer leaves, they’ll be reminded of your home over others because it had that special something that leaves a mark in their memories.

Fireside Stone & Patio‚Äôs outdoor kitchens are beautiful additions to backyards all over Maryland. Our team has spent the last 35+ years creating outdoor living spaces for our customers, helping them to create memories. Our knowledge of outdoor patios allows us to design and build anything – from a basic BBQ grill and deck to an elaborate outdoor kitchen using tile, stonework or masonry. We can make your outdoor space dreams come true and increase your home’s value and selling potential in the future. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with an expert.