Building a Fireplace

January 3, 2018

Building a fireplace is a complicated process with little room for error. Because fireplaces house fires, it is essential for the fireplace to be built with care and precision. Years of experience and expertise are important when selecting a Maryland fireplace supplier. Let’s look a little more closely at how a fireplace is built, so you can know what to look for when hiring someone to build yours.

Building a Fireplace


The fireplace foundation is made of poured concrete and must be poured by a professional to ensure it is done properly. The foundation top is then placed on top and is generally made of stacked concrete blocks.

Once the foundation and foundation top are in place, the fireplace shell is put into place. The shell is primarily for aesthetic purposes, giving the fireplace that beautiful brick or stone look we all know and love.

After the shell is in place, the hearth will be installed. The hearth sits under the firebox and extends out from it into the room. Because of this shells and hearths are often designed with aesthetics and function in mind.


After the foundation, shell, and hearth are in place the firebox is installed. The firebox can be custom made or fireplace inserts can be purchased and installed. The box is made of metal and sometimes also lined with brick or stone. If you are replacing an existing fireplace with a gas or electric fireplace, the firebox is removed and a new insert is put in its place.


After the firebox has been installed the chimney must be installed. Proper installation of the chimney is essential, as an improperly built chimney could lead to a fire. In addition to the proper construction method, you’ll also need to build it according to codes and regulations, which are very specific due to the hazardous nature of fires.

Hiring an experienced Howard County fireplace company to install your fireplace and chimney is a wise decision as it will ensure your new fireplace is up to code and is as safe as it can be.

Look to Fireside for Help

If you are looking to add a fireplace to your home, give us at Fireside a call today to discuss our fireplace installation services. While many home projects can be DIY projects, this is one best left to the professionals. When fire is involved it is of utmost importance that everything is done according to code and correctly. If you plan to install a new fireplace in your home in the near future, give us a call to discuss your Maryland fireplace installation!