4 Ways The Big Green Egg Will Up Your Grill Game This Summer

May 31, 2016


Summer is the season for grilling. The weather is warm, the days are long, and most of your meals will be cooked over an open flame in your backyard, if you’re lucky. Gone are the days of just hamburgers and hot-dogs, grilling has become a sport among men, and if you’re going to be a grill-master you’ll need to step up your grill-game this year. This isn’t your father’s cookout anymore, you’ll find more and more people are grilling pizza, seafood, and even smoking meats at their BBQ.

There’s no better way to expand your grill menu than with the Big Green Egg. Known best for it’s versatility, you’ll soon discover a world of new grilling techniques that only an Egg can offer. We’re talking grilling, roasting, smoking, baking, and more. So grab a spatula, strap on your apron, and check out these 4 ways that the Big Green Egg will get your grill game in gear.

Try Planking

the big green egg

Plank cooking traces its origins back to Native Americans, and is a method of cooking foods on a moist wood plank over an open fire. This might not be something to try on a regular grill, but the superior heat retention qualities of the Big Green Egg make this easy and enjoyable. Planking is an indirect type of grilling which infuses food with moisture and an incredible smoky flavor that will have your guests talking for months to come. This method is perfect for fish, delicate meats, and even s’mores! Cooking with planks may seem intimidating, but with The Big Green Egg and a premium wood plank, one of many cooking tools sold with the Big Green Egg, even a novice Grill cook will find preparing, seasoning, and cooking with a plank to be simple.

Grill a Pizza


Serving pizza hot off the grill is one way to wow your cookout crowd. Pizza grilling can be challenging, and that’s why lots of people opt to leave the pizza cooking to the oven. What makes the Big Green Egg special is that it isn’t just for grilling, with the addition of a pizza stone, your ceramic cooker becomes a classic brick oven that bakes perfect pizza! The combination of precise temperature control and heat retention creates the perfect environment for baking just about anything, add in a pizza stone, which draws the moisture from your dough to create a crispy crust, and you’ll never want to cook pizza indoors again.

Cook Low and Slow


Cooking slowly over low heat infused with wood smoke is what smoking- and what some call “real barbecue”- is all about. If you hadn’t already guessed, yes that’s right, the Big Green Egg is also a smoker, perfect for beef brisket, pork shoulder, and spare ribs. There are many methods to smoking, including which type of wood to choose and what to soak those wood chunks in, but no matter your style, the Egg has you covered. Using your Big Green Egg as a smoker is easy, and there are even Big Green Egg all natural wood smoking chips and chunks available in several flavors that take the guess work out of smoking. So surprise your family with some incredibly smoked pulled pork sandwiches, or a mouthwatering brisket this weekend!

Put a New Spin on the Roast


Forget Mom’s dry pot roast cooked in an oven all day, get introduced to a new way of roasting with your Big Green Egg. Roasting in your Egg is another indirect grilling method (Food is not directly exposed to the flame and heat) that is perfect for so many types of meat. Your possibilities are endless. Roasting is one of the easiest methods of using your Big Green egg, it’s a perfect way to start exploring the different techniques your Egg offers. Roasting chickens, leg of lamb, and pork roasts and all excellent examples of dishes to replace the burgers and dogs this weekend and step up your grill game like never before.


It’s not too late in the season to get grilling on a new Big Green Egg, or up your grill game on your existing Egg with some new cooking tools and accessories. Fireside Stone and Patio are official Big Green Egg dealers and have all of your grilling needs and wants covered. Contact Fireside Stone and Patio today or visit our Elliott City Grill Showroom to shop for this and many other grills and outdoor cookers.