Benefits of Wood Burning Stoves

February 13, 2014

5857615546_f1688871dc_bWhen the winter months come around, heating your home becomes a top priority.  Though many people rely on a central heating system, they may want to consider a wood burning stove instead for a variety of reasons.

Save Money 

In this time of energy scarcity and uncertainty, using gas or oil to heat a home has become increasingly expensive.  Additionally, unless zone heating is in use, homes typically rely on one central heating unit to determine the overall temperature, resulting in a lack of control over which rooms are heated and driving up energy usage.

With a wood burning stove, the cost of heating your home drops significantly.  The price of heating your home becomes equivalent to the price of wood, which is a lot cheaper than other forms of fuel.  It can even be free if you live on property where you can harvest your own trees.  Also, when using a wood burning stove, you can focus on heating just the area around the stove instead of worrying about heating parts of the house you aren’t using.

Increased Comfort 

Heat from a wood stove seems different than normal heating systems, there is a certain warmth and radiance that is unique to it.  In addition, you can make a room hotter than you normally would with central heating.  Not warm enough? Toss another log in the fire.

Added Beauty 

Not only does a wood stove provide useful functionality, but it is also an excellent decoration for your home.  There is a large variety of wood stove products to choose from so you can find the right one to complement your home’s style.  Also, the mesmerizing glow of the fire adds a characteristic to your living room that nothing else can compare to.


Relying on a heating system means trusting a heating company, so if a failure or blackout occurs it could mean being out in the cold.  Having a wood burning stove means being “off the grid” and not having to worry about staying warm if the power goes out.  There’s also something satisfying about being responsible for your own heat.

If you think you would be benefit from a wood burning stove, contact the professionals at Fireside Stone and Patio today.