Fireplace Accessories to Protect Your Home

November 15, 2017

Having a fireplace in your home can be a wonderful thing. Whether you want more localized heat in an area of your home or you just want the ambiance of a glow from a warm fire, having a fireplace adds value and aesthetics. But having a fireplace without the appropriate accessories can spell disaster for your home.

Being unprepared while using your fireplace can be dangerous, but there are several things you can add to your fireplace to keep you safe. Let’s look at some common fireplace accessories to protect you and your home.

Fireside Stone and Patio Accessories


If you plan to build a fire of any kind in your fireplace, whether it be from cut wood from your yard or an instant log from the store, there are fireplace tools you will need.

Having a quality fireplace tool set can help you manage the fire by having tongs to move out of place logs, a blower to stoke a fire that is going out, and cleaning supplies for yearly cleaning. Likewise having a set of hearth gloves is important so that you can act quickly without the risk of burning your hands.

Monitors and Alarms

Another essential part of having a fireplace is having working smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Having working detectors throughout your home can put your mind at ease that you and your family will be alerted should something go wrong with your fire.

If your home is already equipped with a sufficient amount of detectors, it is essential you change the batteries on a set schedule. Many newer homes have hard wired detectors, but keeping the batteries up to date is important in case of a power outage.

Additional Items

Additional items to have if you have a fireplace in your home include a screen, a fireplace rug, and fire extinguishers. A screen is especially important if you have small children or animals that may accidentally get too close to the fire. While a screen isn’t a replacement for care and attention, it does discourage children from getting too close.

A fireplace rug can help protect your flooring from soot and dirt in the bottom of your fireplace. And a fire extinguisher is very essential. Having one, or several, fire extinguishers in the home can literally save your house and your loved ones in the event of a fire. Having an extinguisher close to the fireplace, and another in the kitchen is always a wise idea.

If you are looking forward to a roaring fire in your fireplace this fall, but are lacking any of these important safety tools, come visit your local Howard County, MD fireplace installation experts at Fireside Stone and Patio. We can help you with all of your fire safety needs at our Maryland fireplace store.