A Hearth for the Holidays

December 13, 2017

Chestnuts roasting by an open fire… these lyrics bring back warm memories and happy thoughts. Having a crackling fire to enjoy during the holiday season can add to the ambiance of your home, and provides a great area for festive holiday decor. As always, safety is of utmost importance, especially during the holidays. Let’s look at some ways to make your hearth warm and welcoming this holiday season, as well as some safety tips to keep in mind!

Fireside - Holiday Hearth

Holiday Decor

It’s hard to think about a fireplace around the holidays without automatically thinking about stockings. If your fireplace has a mantle, hanging stockings above the fire instantly makes your home feel more nostalgic and festive. Using weighted stocking hangers can protect your mantle from tac or nail holes, while adding even more decorations to your mantle.

Garland is another great option if your fireplace has a good sized mantle. Lighted garland can add some extra warmth and glow to your mantle. Using fake garlands that are fire resistant is a safer option than fresh greens, especially when you are lighting the garland. If you have any floor decorations, or plan to put your holiday tree close to your fire, make sure to keep them a safe distance away from the fireplace to reduce fire hazards.

Fire Safety

Having a warm hearth adds to your home’s aesthetic during the holiday season, but it can pose a fire hazard if certain precautions aren’t taken. If you plan to hang stockings on your mantle, make sure they don’t hang too low and are an adequate distance from the flames. In addition, a fireplace screen can reduce the risk of fires and burns. Having fireplace tools can also help you maintain your fire in a safe way without risking burns.

If you have children in your home, teaching them the basics of fire safety is an important part of preparing your home for the winter. Teaching children things such as not putting anything in the fire, not running around the fireplace, and never reaching into the fire can help prevent an accident.

Having a warm, cozy fire during the holidays can add to your home’s ambiance. By decorating your mantle in a safe way, you can enjoy a roaring fire all winter without incident. If your fireplace needs an inspection, or you just need some fireplace tools, call us at Fireside (410-203-2876) for some Maryland fireplace safety tips or visit our website, firesidestone.com.