6 Ways to Enhance Your Home With Custom Stonework

August 25, 2015

custom stonework

Do you feel like your home needs something extra to make it less cookie-cutter? Look no further than stonework! Beautiful and functional, stonework can be used to enhance both the inside and the outside of your home, adding character where you need it. And our Maryland stonework experts are always here to help you transform your home from boring to unique with a few elegant touches.

Stone Feature Wall

If you’re looking to add a pop to a room in your house, a stone feature wall is the way to go. Whether you choose a river rock stone or a more contemporary cut and tiled stone, you’ll be creating an instant conversation starter. And the best part is that stone is extremely versatile and can be matched to fit any interior, whether it’s rustic, traditional or contemporary.

Stone Mantle

Maybe you’re looking for a space to display photos of your loved ones? Or maybe you just need a small feature to tie a room together? A stone mantle is small enough that it doesn’t take over the entire room, but catching enough to draw the eye. Use it for photos, candles, trophies, flowers or even your TV! And don’t forget that you can also decorate the space around and above your fireplace with custom stonework to create a visual reminder of old-school masonry.

Exterior Stone Wall

You could have an average-looking home same as the rest in your neighborhood. Or you could own a house that causes all drivers to slow down and take a second look, hoping you are planning to sell soon. If improving curb appeal is important to you, consider replacing your traditional vinyl siding with stonework. Aesthetically, the contrasting color scheme of stone will add long-lasting beauty and curb appeal to your home. Functionally, the stone will act as a natural insulator, lowering your utility bills.

Outdoor Kitchen

When the weather permits and alfresco dining is on your mind, think about a stone outdoor kitchen. With all the luxuries of your indoor kitchen, this could be your outdoor oasis during the summer months. Accent the beautiful stonework with a grill, either built in or standalone, and your cookouts will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Stone Patio

Are you looking to utilize your outdoor space but don’t have enough room for a deck? Maybe you don’t want to deal with the hassle of maintenance? A stone patio is a great option for those looking for an attractive, inviting and affordable outdoor space. You could choose between evenly cut stones for a more modern, geometric look. Or you could play with the natural curvature of stone tiles to create a truly random, nature-inspired look for your patio.


Concrete walkways can crack and degrade with harsh weather changes over time. For a virtually maintenance-free solution, a stone walkway is a great choice. The sturdy stone won’t crack and will withstand extreme weather changes. If a stone ever does need to be replaced, the process is very easy, requiring minimal work to replace single stones versus the entire walkway.

There are numerous ways natural stone can enhance and compliment your home. If you’re interested in incorporating stonework in your interior or exterior design, call us or visit us online for a free consultation.