3 Ideas for a Functional Outdoor Fireplace

July 29, 2015

outdoor fireplace

We know, it’s summer and it’s hot! But fall is not that far away and, honestly, summer nights have been a bit chilly this year. What we are getting at is that it’s time to think about adding an outdoor fireplace to your outdoor entertainment area. Our Maryland fireplace experts have already built quite a few fireplaces this summer, and those folks are all set to entertain in the fall! If you think you don’t need a fireplace or don’t know where you would put it, here are a few ideas to get you planning!

Patio-Style Outdoor Fireplace

One of the most common placements for an outdoor fireplace is on a side of a patio. The patio can be round or rectangular, and the fireplace becomes a focal point. You can add comfy seating in front of the fireplace, as well as install a grill or a mini-bar to the side of it. This is an extremely functional setup that can be used both for everyday rest&relaxation and for entertaining.

Some of our clients chose to build an outdoor fireplace into a matching stone wall for added privacy. If neighbors are too close or the road makes for an unsightly view, a wall will give you the desired peace and quiet.

Pool-Side Outdoor Fireplace

Another great location for an outdoor fireplace is at the end of a pool, where you can add a small (or large) sitting area with a fireplace in the middle. This setup is perfect for swimming after dark and then drying up next to a nice, warm, glowing fire. But you can certainly use the fireplace year round even when the pool is closed. You may not get the same beautiful view since the pool will be covered, but none the less you can make smores and watch the sky on clear and chilly fall nights.

See-Through Centerpiece Fireplace

There are several options for see-through design among both traditional wood-burning fireplaces and their gas and electric counterparts. This means that instead of being closed off on 3 sides with one side open to display the fire, these fireplaces are open (or have glass screens) on 2 sides. This allows a direct line of sight through the fireplace.

Thanks to this design, your outdoor fireplace becomes more functional, as it can now be used by more people. As you might now, the fireplace warms only the space directly in front of it. With access to fire on both sides, your see-through fireplace is now twice as useful! See-through outdoor fireplaces are often placed in the middle of a patio or between two separate patio areas. People can actually gather in semi-circles around this kind of fireplace, so everyone can get their own spot next to the fire.

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